Bucket list

Trying something new

As I normally don’t write that much in my posts, this one will be a bit different. I got inspired a few of days ago whilst reading a fellow blogger empress2inspire post about finding your purpose in life, she thought writing might lead her to her answer. To me that sound very logical, although I never know what to write…. today I had an idea.

I have been writing on a bucket list this year, I now have 44 things to check of. And in this post I would like  to tell the story of number 7 on the list. So far i have checked off 10 tings to do, some are as simple as buying succulents for my room and some are about traveling.

But here it goes number 7, I want to climb a mountain

I previously posted about this trip, although I hardly wrote anything. So here is the story of me finally making it to the very top of Tolpagorni: We had been exercising for weeks, we knew it was going to be hard. The first two days of the trip was spent traveling and a shit load of walking. Man I had not even thought about the struggle of walking to the mountains! Then the day finally came and we started off towards the top of the mountain. And boy was it hard!! Me and my dad fell behind and wandered in the fog with no sign of the top when we heard a laugh followed with the silhouette of a head. That feeling was euphoric! Nearly giving up and then seeing the group sitting on the top joking about. The group greeted us at the top with applauses and calls of excitement! It felt absolutley amazing. One of the group members took what came to be my absolute favorite picture of me and my dad:pdimmagrupp

(none of the photos were taken by me, they belong to my dad and/or to employees at Tolpagorni Product Management)

Got any things on your bucket list? Let me know down below!


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